my blog dedicated to the handsome irish actor and musician - Colin O'Donoghue,most known as Captain Hook from ABC's TV-series "Once Upon A Time"

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bluefang128: who do you love more emma or charming??!! #ask colin-o-donoghue

I love them both,but If I had to choose It would be Charming for sure:)

troyler-shiper-bitches: Do you ship captain swan?


akasunalove: Hi! I love your blog! I'm a hooker so.. That's not a surprise! But I need to ask you somethig: could you please post a little bit more about HookedQueen? I would love you even more. Thanks, haha

hi:))i will,i definitely will. love them!

personal pics with ouat cast at SGCC’14

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#SDCC’14 panel

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Colin’s entrance (x)